Why Buy At Spirited Cyclist

Lake Norman Fondo - Check presentation from Spirited Cyclist ownership

Spirited Cyclist is an advocate for all things cycling. Without places to ride, and events to ride in, you and your new bike won't reach its full potential.  Big box stores, and unfortunately many local shops, do little to nothing to support cycling.

For the casual rider, we have a series of weekly rides with the emphasis on fun and learning. If you are more competitive, we have been long time sponsors of the Lake Norman Fondo. We also host numerous group rides throughout the year.

Our staff is always involved with local and national groups. From Road, Triathlon, Mountain Bikes, Kids Bike Safety Clinics, Bike to School, and Advocates for Cycling and Pedestrian safety in the Lake Norman area.

Remember, when you purchase a bike you are also purchasing the shop and the folks that work there. Before you buy, ask them what they have done to give you more opportunities and places to ride.  

Why Buy at a Bike Shop?

Price is NOT the big difference between bike shops and big-box or toy stores! People mistakenly think bike shops only sell expensive bicycles to enthusiasts and racers! The truth is most bike shop customers are casual, recreational riders. They’ve discovered that ill-fitting, uncomfortable, “toy store” bikes don’t get ridden and don’t last! What does make a difference is where you buy your bike!